Additional Services

We provide these commercial cleaning services in addition to others listed on site:

Fabric Protection:
We can help prevent undue stress and wear on your commercial fabrics by applying protection solutions. Save big by protecting your office upholstery, fabric panels and carpet to extend the life of your office materials.

Leather Chair Cleaning:
Just because we specialize in commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning doesn’t mean we haven’t learned the art of leather cleaning and polishing over the years. If your leather is looking dull, we can restore their leathery luster.

Wood Cleaning and Polishing
Woodwork is a major part of many of your commercial spaces and attracts just as much dirt and grime as anything else in the office. We use products specific to cleaning and polishing wood to restore that richness and deep glow your customers and clients will admire.

Static Protection
Getting annoyed with the winter dry weather paper jams? We have the solution for that! We can apply an anti-static protection solution on your walkways and near your printers that actually prevent the buildup of static electricity… the cause of those notorius paper jams.