Appearance Management®

office carpet cleaning minneapolis, mnWe all have limited time. What we do with our time will often determine our level of success. In business, proper use of time is extremely important in order to maximize productivity and, ultimately, profits.

With our Appearance Management® service, use the time you would have spent cleaning and touching up the office on moving your business further.

Key Features of our Appearance Management® system include:

  • Scheduled services
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Fabric panel cleaning
  • Other, general cleaning maintenance
  • Monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually plans available
  • Helps maintain your business’ appearance long-term
  • Price nearly equivalent to annual cleaning and looks better more consistently

Waiting longer in between cleanings can become quite expensive, which is why investing in our Appearance Management® service will certainly save you money and potentially lost clients/sales in the long run.

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