Carpet Cleaning

carpet cleaning minneapolis mnWhether it’s a high traffic area or a corner of the office never traveled, maintaining clean carpet is crucial to the overall appearance of your office.

Our professional commercial cleaners can develop a detailed, industry approved plan that suits your needs.

All of our commercial carpet cleaning plans will improve the look of your carpet and our technicians make sure to remove all spots that are physically able to be removed.

“Maintenance” Carpet Cleaning is ongoing, consistent cleaning, designed to prolong commercial carpet life and appearance. We use cleaning methods that adhere to the warranty specs (if applicable). This Appearance Management® keeps your carpets looking good all the time.

“Restorative” Carpet Cleaning is deep cleaning and pile lifiting, designed to restore older or more heavily traveled carpet to an acceptable appearance level.

Our common cleaning methods:

Dry Carpet Cleaning incorporates the HOST cleaning system. This method uses a slightly moist powder and heavy-duty pile lifter/vacuum to penetrate the carpet fibers and leave your carpet dry when we leave.

Low Moisture Cleaning involves lightly misting our E-Safe® product over your carpet and running over the fibers with a commercial grade pile lifter. The carpet is dry by the time we’re walking out the door.

Spot Removal Cleaning uses a rotary machine with a cloth bonnnet that creates enough friction to remove almost any stain while lightening the carpet and releasing a minimul amount of moisture.

High Moisture Cleaning or carpet extraction is the most aggressive form of cleaning we do and can be coupled with any method above for the ultimate in heavy commercial carpet cleaning. We either use a truck mount extraction system or portable extractors to reach your office and flush the carpet out.